Integrated Web Services

Savvy organizations recognize the value that a custom landing page can deliver to their brand and communications. Landing pages, pURL’s (personalized URLs) and microsites (custom site) are essential to engage and communicate on a more personalized level. When having a more “intimate” interaction, the marketer is able to maximize the conversion of leads, enhance the customer experience and influence the perception of their brand.

In today’s marketing climate, our customers are looking for a partner who can deliver a more personalized, holistic solution to their integrated marketing challenges.  Bringing together our core creative and strategy services with more integrated marketing services that include digital, email and social/web, the Marketing Solutions team offers our customers a proven approach.  Focused on four key stages—discover, define, develop and deliver – this approach creates a strategic plan with web content that enhances the overall campaign and delivers a better experience for our customer’s customer.

The PSdigital team has created landing pages for the purposes of:

  • Lead generation
  • Surveys
  • Electronic form submission
  • Digital media/video
  • Promotional offers

Each landing page we develop is designed to track and monitor activities and visitors to the page/site. By tracking these activities, we are able to determine key metrics that guide strategic decisions:

  • Total Visitors
  • Average Time
  • Average Page Views
  • Individual Analytics
  • Conversions
  • Behavior and Trends

Armed with this data, we are able to provide a packaged set of results that incorporates our team’s years of data analytics experience and recommendations to drive improved results to current and future campaigns.

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