Website Design & development

PSdigital™ is dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ digital needs by producing REAL-TIME results. We study your online presence and continually make the adjustments needed to hit your expected ROI. 

We offer high quality work and personal attention with a full-time digital staff at a fraction of the cost to you. You will see increased performance within a few short months and achieve your web and marketing goals quickly and efficiently.

PSdigital will scope out in the website and any corresponding systems in writing, before initiating development. This ensures that all of the necessary business and technical requirements have been captured, well defined, and agreed upon. By doing so, we can develop an accurate quote and timeline based on these requirements, speeding the development and implementation process dramatically.

Our development engages a “mobile-first” philosophy in all aspects of development. Our mobile-ready (responsive) websites are meticulously coded to provide excellent user experience and optimal functionality on all devices at all screen resolutions from small phones to large desktops. When PSdigital builds your responsive website, customers will never have tiny text to read, never need to swipe back and forth to see everything on their screen, and never need to pinch and zoom in and out.

The PSdigital team has developed extensive web-based solutions for:

 Online Communities / Social Media


 Lead generation


 Electronic form submission

 Digital media/video

 Promotional offers

Each web application we develop is designed to track and monitor activities and visitors to the page/site. By tracking these activities, we are able to determine key metrics that guide strategic decisions:

 Total Visitors

 Average Time

 Average Page Views

 Individual Analytics


 Behavior and Trends