Direct Marketing

PSdigital’s professional marketing solutions brings the best of both worlds—the ability to create transformational ideas, but bring them to life with the detail and consistency necessary to win with consumers, across multiple channels from digital, direct marketing, digital publishing, strategic print and promotional sourcing and buying services and complete execution.

Marketing and business professionals are interested in leveraging direct mail marketing to help drive strategic objectives, sales goals and marketing initiatives. Selecting the channels, list, segmentation and creative are key in succeeding with the challenges of acquiring new business and retaining your current customers.

Breaking through the clutter

Consumers are bombarded by messages through various channels via offline and online sources. Television ads, web banners and pop-ups, direct mail, e-mail, magazine ads, radio ads, billboards, transit signs, social media and more all compete for the consumer’s attention. 

Many businesses are confronted with the frustrations related to their direct mail campaigns, such as:

  • Poor response rates
  • Not sure what their results are
  • Poor campaign ROI
  • Difficulty in obtaining the necessary data to improve results
  • Sales staff complains that they receive few leads, and the ones they get are cold leads

Three Key Drivers of Response

One key factor in reaching consumers is targeting the right prospect at the right time with the right message on the right channel. Delivering customized messages to targeted segments requires the blend of art and science…which the Marketing Solutions Studio can deliver.  According to consumer feedback and experiential data, there are three important things to consider when your goal is to enhance response rates:

  1. Timing – The ability to deliver an offer at the point of maximum interest
  2. Relevance – The ability to deliver an offer that responds (in descending order of importance) to unique consumer needs, desires, preferences, attitudes and attributes
  3. Hyper-Personalization – The ability to deliver an offer that is tailored for a unique recipient 

The power of direct mail & email combined

When it comes to keeping in touch with prospects and clients…or re-engaging, e-mail’s cost effectiveness makes it very valuable. However, direct mail still has its place and should not be replaced by e-mail. Prospects are 10 to 20% more likely to convert on a direct mail offer versus an e-mail offer, which proves that direct mail should not be abandoned for e-mail only campaigns. But, the power of the two can deliver even more impressive results, making direct mail and e-mail an unbeatable combination.   

Customers spent 25% more when communicated to by both direct mail and email marketing

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